Wafacash Spontaneous Application

Wafacash Spontaneous Application

Wafacash Spontaneous Application

A subsidiary of the Attijariwafa Bank Group created in 1991, Wafacash has acquired in recent years expertise in the cash business which has made it the market leader in international money transfers.

Years of achievements and continuous efforts to support clients on a daily basis in their future projects.

Our ambition

Placing customers at the heart of our strategy; Satisfy them with the richness, simplicity, and quality of our products and services.

To be a solid, modern brand and a leader in our market. Commit ourselves to serve our customers here and elsewhere, banked or not, thanks to the extent of our network, and supporting them over time.

Offer everyone innovative, quality products, accessible anywhere in the world, and meeting everyone’s needs.

Our jobs

Since its creation, Wafacash has been committed to offering its customers, whether banked or not, the possibility of carrying out all cash-related transactions and supporting companies in carrying out their future projects with confidence.

With its know-how and expert in its field, Wafacash is developing by concluding partnerships with world leaders in international transfer, including Western Union, MoneyGram, Ria, Santander, Sigue, and Azimo. It has established itself as the leading brand specializing in the cash trades and in particular money transfer.

Wafacash also offers a wide range of domestic products and services such as rapid money transfer through its Cash Express platform, manual exchange or distribution of consumer loans as well as a range of innovative services adapted to different customer needs:

  • “Floussy”: rechargeable prepaid cards.
  • “Hissab Bikhir”: an innovative concept of an economic bank intended to expand access to the Moroccan banking system. This service is offered in partnership with the Attijariwafa Bank group.
  • “Pay Cash”: for cash payments.

This range of services is available through a network of more than 1,800 branches operating in the cash business and offering flexible hours. Some of these products and services are also offered through the Attijariwafa Bank banking network in Morocco.

HR policy

Our reputation and the quality of our services depend on the value of the men and women who make up our teams. They are the foundations of our know-how and our know-how. They are the engine of our success.

Our ambition is to allow everyone’s professional development by providing the means to advance individual skills.

We are open to diverse and valuable profiles, from diverse backgrounds, motivated to join us.

We offer you a dynamic and motivating work environment that will allow you to participate in the development of our company while promoting your personal development.

Thus, Wafacash makes the development and fulfillment of its human resources a major focus of its human resources policy focused on recruitment, integration, training, and career management.

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We offer multiple employment opportunities to young people who wish to join a successful and innovative company.

For this, Wafacash undertakes to lead the various stages of the recruitment procedure, from the drafting and distribution of the job offer to the preselection of applications and up to the final selection phase, in order to ensure an objective assessment of the professional skills of candidates.

Integration of new recruits

Welcoming new recruits is a major concern for Wafacash. Upon hire, a personalized onboarding program is put in place to provide appropriate orientation to new employees.

We have also recommended a sponsorship system that encourages continuous listening to our employees and enables their social and professional integration.


Wafacash has a permanent interest, for various purposes, in the training of its employees, in all areas affecting the activities and life of the company. This training is focused on professionalization in the Management sector as well as in the business sectors.

Career Management

The aspiration for change and progression is possible within Wafacash through promotion and internal mobility. The policy adopted throughout the professional career of employees is based on appropriate HR tools, such as annual appraisal and progress reviews, which allow professional development and the detection of potential.

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