PORTNET S.A. is recruiting Customer Advisors

PORTNET S.A. is recruiting Customer Advisors

PORTNET S.A. is recruiting Customer Advisors

Launched in 2011 by the National Ports Agency, in a context of international commercial competition and sustained growth in Moroccan port traffic, especially containers, the PORTNET project acts on the levers for improving the competitiveness of Morocco’s port areas.

At the national level, the project is part of the implementation of the National Plan for the Simplification of Procedures and the generalization of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) to all foreign trade operators and is among the 15 strategic projects of the e-Government approach.

PortNet Initiated in 2008 by the National Ports Agency (Port Authority in Morocco), PortNet is the result of the strategic alliance of port communities and international trade. This is a tool specific to the Moroccan government aimed at the implementation of several sectoral strategies with a view to improving the business climate, trade, port and logistics competitiveness and generalization without forgetting for all that. innovation in e-gov services. In fact, PortNet is a successful model for the national partnership between government and the private sector with a view to improving the business climate.

Since its creation in 2012, the Société Anonyme PORTNET has been responsible for the project of setting up the National Single Window to facilitate all port and trade procedures. Collaborating with all the actors of the port community and foreign trade, PORTNET S.A. intends to act on the levers for improving port competitiveness and economic operators in Morocco.

The objectives of PORTNET are:

– Streamline procedures: Simplification, dematerialization, optimization of Foreign Trade procedures;
-Anticipate information and action: Entering data as early as possible in the logistics chain without copying data. Adoption of the “push” action strategy to push the user into action in the removal of their merchandise;
– Network the partners: The information systems of the partners of the port community will be interconnected through PortNet with its EAI;
– Open up to the international market thanks to compliance with standards: International trade standards, UN EDIFACT standards
-Improve the competitiveness of national companies: With better control of information and logistics costs, Moroccan companies will be able to make their logistics chain a performance lever and a significant competitive advantage.

PORTNET S.A. is recruiting Customer Advisors

As part of its expansion, PORTNET S.A is recruiting Client Advisors (REF: CC / 20).

1) Applicants must be of Moroccan nationality.

2) Applications must be sent to the attention of the Managing Director of PORTNET S.A. before 23/10/2020;

3) The application file must include:

a) Curriculum Vitae with photo;

b) Letter of motivation (specify in the subject line the post applied for and its reference);

c) Copy of the CIN;

d) Certified copy of the diploma (s);

e) Copy of the document (s) justifying the equivalence for diplomas not issued by a Moroccan Public Establishment;

f) Copies of legalized work certificates.

The application must be scanned and sent to the e-mail address [email protected], mentioning the position and its reference in the subject line;

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