Meski Holding is recruiting several profiles

Meski Holding is recruiting several profiles

Meski Holding is recruiting several profiles

In twenty years, the Meski Holding Group has become a national leader in industry and distribution. It is currently developing several businesses and markets through its specialized subsidiaries which occupy leading positions in their businesses; which are a significant growth driver in the group’s development and which constitute a model of proximity to serve its customers and partners.

Dedicated teams: Committed to helping clients achieve their goals, personalize their experiences.

True Partners: Our strong sense of identification with our clients’ projects means that we are constantly aiming.

Global know-how: They are not yet aware. we take a progressive approach to technology and marketing techniques.

Focus on Innovation: This sense of identification also means that we value and promote transparent interaction.

Our activities

– Steel industries:

Established at the level of the second phase of the industrial zone of MEDZ in Jorf Lasfar, Riva Industries is a model unit benefiting from the best technologies of the world steel sector, similar to those established very recently at the level of the Mediterranean, Asian and American rim.

Riva Industries offers a diversified range of products, meeting all national needs: structural steels for housing, commercial and tourist complexes, and highway and port infrastructures: a guarantee of safety for guaranteed and sustainable development.

Riva Industries is an investment of nearly 850 Million MAD, offering a variety of long and special steels, producing reinforcing bars that meet more than 40 international standards. Its main vocation is the development, first of all, of the sub-Saharan and African regional market, of the southern Mediterranean market, and subsequently to guarantee regional leadership in the field of construction.

The main purpose of the Riva Industries complex is to support the development of the construction market by providing the Moroccan market with an ultramodern production tool, allowing our citizens to benefit from the latest technological generation in the field.

-Logistics & Distribution:

With a long experience and major players in their sector, these BELMEKKI companies draw their strength from their history, their strengths, and their commitments.

Since their creation, they have forged their experience in the distribution of concrete reinforcing bars in particular and today position themselves as benchmarks in their profession.

Combining skills and professional reflexes relating to the various performance levers, these companies manage to satisfy all of their increasingly demanding customers. Promoters, companies … have not stopped trusting them for the success of their projects.


Established in the city of Meknes in 2012, AUTO MESKI has so far:

-1 branch in Meknes
-1 avenue des FAR Meknès agency
-1 Agency in Khenifra
-1 agency in Khemisset

Based on compliance with manufacturers’ standards for the sale of new vehicles and after-sales service (sales methodologies, repairs and original parts), our strengths are based on all activities, oriented services: customer satisfaction and business providers.

-Real estate promotion:

BELMEKKIMMO is first and foremost a recognized brand: residences that give priority to green spaces while being located at prestigious addresses, in the heart of the city.

BELMEKKIMMO is a versatile team that demonstrates a daily commitment, and gives all its importance to the choice of noble materials, to the involvement of experienced and passionate business partners, to attention to detail; Always with the customer at the center of all attention, through a privileged relationship, which is built over time.

For several years, our signature has committed us to offer the best services, construction, and finishing whatever the segment: High Standing, Social, Housing estates, or Shops & Offices.

Exploiting the large land reserve at the national level available to Meski Holding, BELMEKKIMMO is planning major projects in the major cities of the Kingdom

Meski Holding is recruiting several profiles

Consult the position that interests you to apply

  1. Responsable Réfractaire Aciérie – EAF | El Jadida (Maroc)
  2. Responsable Production Aciérie | El Jadida (Maroc)
  3. Responsable Maintenance Aciérie | El Jadida (Maroc)
  4. Responsable Administratif et Financier | Béni Mellal (Maroc)
  5. Acheteur & Approvisionneur | Meknès (Maroc)
  6. Responsable Service Mécanique | EL Jadida (Maroc)
  7. Assistante de Direction Senior Bilingue en Anglais | Casablanca (Maroc)
  8. Responsable Finances et Trésorerie | Meknès (Maroc)
  9. Responsable Bureau de Méthodes | El Jadida (Maroc)
  10. Comptable | Meknès (Maroc)
  11. Chef Comptable | Casablanca (Maroc)
  12. Gestionnaire des Retraites et Carrières | El Jadida (Maroc)
  13. Technico-Commercial Expérimenté en BTP | Par région (Maroc)
  14. Responsable Système Management Qualité et Sécurité | Meknès (Maroc)
  15. Directeur d’Exploitation Laminoir | El Jadida (Maroc)
  16. Directeur d’Exploitation Aciérie | El Jadida (Maroc)
  17. Responsable Service Électrique & Automatismes | El Jadida (Maroc)
  18. Responsable Administratif et Financier – RAF (H/F) | Meknès (Maroc)
  19. Responsable Méthodes | El Jadida (Maroc)
  20. Agent de Recouvrement et Contentieux | Agadir et Sud (Maroc)
  21. Chargé de Recrutement et Développement RH (H/F) | Meknès (Maroc)
  22. Représentant Commercial | Khouribga (Maroc)
  23. Agent de Recouvrement et Contentieux | Casablanca (France)
  24. Chargé d’Affaires | Toutes les régions (Maroc)
  25. Représentant Commercial | Agadir (Maroc)
  26. Représentant Commercial | Tanger (Maroc)
  27. Représentant Commercial | Casablanca (Maroc)
  28. Représentant Commercial | Marrakech (Maroc)
  29. Représentant Commercial Expérimenté en BTP | Kénitra (Maroc)
  30. Directeur Commercial Régional | Meknès (Maroc)
  31. Chargé des Affaires Générales & Relations Publiques | Meknès (Maroc)
  32. Directeur Commercial Pôle | Meknès (Maroc)
  33. Chargé de Paie et d’Administration du Personnel | Meknès (Maroc)
  34. Directeur Commercial | Meknès (Maroc)
  35. Directeur Commercial | Tanger (Maroc)
  36. Représentant Commercial Expérimenté en BTP | Tanger (Maroc)
  37. Chef de Service Laminage | El Jadida (Maroc)
  38. Responsable Maintenance Utilités – Complexe Sidérurgique | El Jadida (Maroc)


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