MAMDA-MCMA is recruiting

MAMDA-MCMA is recruiting Customer Relations Center Supervisors

MAMDA-MCMA is recruiting Customer Relations Center Supervisors

Mamda and Mcma are two Moroccan mutuals, legally and financially independent, but sharing common means (management, premises, and commercial resources).

Founded in 1963, the Mamda (Moroccan agricultural mutual insurance company) offers insurance products covering the entire agricultural sector: the farmer, his farm, his crops, and his equipment. It has also set up Multi-Risk Climate insurance dedicated to cereal and legume crops. To improve the compensation process, since 2011, Mamda has developed a network of more than 200 agricultural experts and invested in cutting-edge information systems (satellite tracking, geolocation, automated payments, etc.). The efforts made have made it possible to double the penetration rate of agricultural insurance in Morocco in the space of 5 years.

Founded in 1969, Mcma (Moroccan central insurance mutual) offers a full range of insurance products, excluding agricultural insurance, which remain in the domain of Mamda, and more generally meets all the insurance needs of families. To remain faithful to the cardinal principles of mutualism which are participation and democracy, Mcma encourages its members to group together by regional affinities, professional or according to their own needs. The groups thus created serve as intermediaries between members and management.

Mamda is today the leading agricultural insurer in the Moroccan market.

MAMDA-MCMA is recruiting Customer Relations Center Supervisors

MAMDA-MCMA is recruiting Supervisors for its Customer Relations Center.

Main activities:

-Plan, organize, and manage the activity of his team.
-Determine the individual objectives of the members of his team.
-Monitor production indicators.
-Ensure the permanent compliance of the means made available to achieve its objectives (HR, work positions, tools).
-Ensure local management on a daily basis (Listening …)
-Organize and lead meetings.
-Assist his team in the management of difficult contacts.
-Animate ad hoc training (scripts, new product …)
– Be responsible for the achievement of the qualitative and quantitative objectives of employees and the activity.
-Control, evaluate the performance of his team
-Analyze and interpret statistical results.
-Realize reports and dashboards.


-Training Bac +3 or more in Economics / Management / Commerce or equivalent,
-Master of communication techniques related to remote customer relationships.
-Rigidity, methodology, autonomy, and analytical skills.

Please send your applications to the following email address:

[email protected]


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