LC Waikiki is recruiting Multipurpose Store Agents

LC Waikiki is recruiting Multipurpose Store Agents

LC Waikiki is recruiting Multipurpose Store Agents

The company “LC Waikiki” in Morocco announces the employment of 25 salesmen

LC Waikiki is a Turkish brand of ready-to-wear clothing and fashion accessories, founded in 1985 by the French company DDKA (initials of the founders Jean-Jacques Demri, Jean-Marc Djian, Serge Kraif, and Georges Amouyal). The initials LC stand for “Les Copains” in reference to the founding friends of the brand.

Initially established in France, the brand enjoyed great notoriety in the country in the 1990s among children and adolescents. In 1997, the brand was bought by the Turkish company Tema Textile, which reoriented it and concentrated mainly on the Turkish market.

In 2012, the brand opened an 800 m² store in Morocco at the Almazar shopping center, Marrakech.

In June 2016, the brand opened its first store in Tunisia.

LC WAIKIKI is recruiting Multipurpose Store Agents

Offer reference:

Date: 09/25/2020.

Company Description:

LC WAIKIKI RETAIL MA, Textile, and clothing.

Job specification:

Type of contract: CI.

Place of work: AGADIR.

Monthly salary: 2500 DHS.

Missions of the position:

-Manage merchandise at the store depot, update information related to receiving the merchandise in the store, prepare merchandise for display on the shelf.

-Ensure the proper management of the product in the depot.

-Assist customers during their visit to the store, sell LC WAIKIKI products according to the marketing principles that will be taught to you, ensure that the store meets LC WAIKIKI storage standards, help the store manager with the daily tasks of the shop.

-Please respect sales procedures, product availability at the store level.

Profile description:

-Training: Technician, Technical sales agent.
-Professional experience: Less than 6 months.
-Post: Self-service employee.
-Languages: French: Medium, Arabic: Fluent

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