Futur Trans Atlantic is recruiting several profiles

Futur Trans Atlantic is recruiting several profiles

Futur Trans Atlantic is recruiting several profiles

-Chargé(e) de facturation.
-Chargée de qualité.
-Chargé(e) d’exploitation.
-Agent de saisie.
-Chargée administrative.
-Responsable financier.

Founded in 1999 with 100% Moroccan capital, FTA sought from the outset to invest in the latest generation transport equipment in partnership with various French and Spanish companies.

FTA benefits from notoriety and a remarkable brand image, based on quality service, a concern for performance, and a fleet of state-of-the-art rolling stock.

FTA is also a dynamic player in the professional sector in transport and logistics in Morocco and abroad, through its membership in several corporate networks and professional associations such as CGEM and AMTRI.

Since 2001, FTA has been committed to a quality process that was crowned by the obtaining of the ISO9001 – V ° 2000 certification, in November 2005 by the international firm BVQI – Bureau VERITAS, with French accreditation COFRAC and English accreditation UKAS. FTA has also obtained Label A for customs categorization.

Always seeking to be at the forefront of technology, FTA made a series of investments between 2002 and 2012 for the modernization of its fleet through the acquisition of trailers, tractors, and dump trucks.

Additional investments were made through the acquisition of an Integrated Information System “Trans XP” and a Geolocation System for its fleet of trucks (Tracking).

In 2011, FTA decided to diversify its activity by launching a Logistics Platform in Tangier.

Strong points:

  • Transit monitoring and customs clearance of goods
  • Recent fleet, competent drivers, double crew, relay, transit time record, geolocation system (Tracking)
  • In case of breakdown: breakdown service (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) throughout Europe provided by the I.T.S. (International Truck Service) and VIALTIS
  • A security guard and attendant of my trailer in Morocco for loading, unloading, and counting of the goods
  • Our transport is provided under the conditions of CMR coverage
  • A network of agents in the main ports and airports of the world (sea and air)

Futur Trans Atlantic FTA is recruiting several profiles

Futur Trans Atlantic (FTA) is recruiting the following profiles:

Invoicing manager, with at least one year of experience in a similar position.
Quality manager of bac + 5 training in quality management.
Operation manager, training bac + 5 in Transport and Logistics.
Data entry agent for bac + 2 training and living in Tangier.
Administrative manager of Bac + 5 training and having experience of at least one year in a similar position.
Financial manager with at least 10 years of experience in a similar position.

Posts based in Tangier.

Please send your applications to the following email address, mentioning the desired position in the subject line:

 [email protected]


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