Extralait recruits Polyvalent Workers

Extralait recrute des Ouvriers Polyvalents

Extralait recruits Polyvalent Workers

The Kenitra EXTRALAIT agricultural dairy cooperative, created in 1953, now occupies 3rd place on the national market and employs more than 570 people. It specializes in the collection, processing, manufacture, and marketing of milk and its derivatives.

Extralait recrute des Ouvriers Polyvalents

Référence de l’offre:  KE091020664125
Date:  09/10/2020

Job specification:

Date de début: 12/10/2020.

Type de contrat: CI.

Lieu de travail:  Kénitra.

Job characteristics:

-Supply, monitoring, and cleaning of machines.

-Visual control, weighing, packaging, and crating.

-Handling (possibility of carrying heavy loads).

-Clean, store, and maintain the workstation in a constant state of cleanliness.

-Work at room temperature or cold depending on the workshops.

– Demonstrate versatility and are able to exercise in a cadence production environment.

-Compliance with health and safety instructions.

Required profile:

-No specific training required but a Professional Qualification Certificate is desirable

-Know how to handle and control equipment/tools (pallet truck, scales, etc.)

-Efficiency, dexterity, responsiveness, and team spirit

-Know how to read, write, and count.

-Good physical condition

Formation: Formation qualifiante

Langues:  Arabe: Courant

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